CPR Is Key to Survival from Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation increases the possibility of surviving sudden cardiac arrest. But it’s not just trained professionals who can jump in to perform CPR. There are simple, life-saving steps any bystander can take.  “We think it should be a basic life skill,” said Dr. Clifton Callaway, a professor and executive vice chair of emergency medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.



New Study Published Questioning Drugs Used in Treatment of Cardiac Arrest

A treatment given to thousands of people who suffer cardiac arrest in Britain every year nearly doubles the risk of permanent brain damage and only marginally improves the chances of survival, a landmark study has found.



SCA Foundation People’s Choice Award

Illinois high school student Brendan Gould has been named winner of the Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation’s People Saving People Award for saving his father’s life with CPR. The People Saving People Award honors “ordinary” people with extraordinary spirits who help save the lives of SCA victims. The purpose of the award is to increase awareness about the critical need for laypersons to be prepared to intervene in sudden cardiac emergencies.


Do Not Resuscitate Tattoo?

Picture this: A man is admitted to the hospital, unconscious, with a history of serious health problems and a high blood alcohol level. He has no identification and no family with him. On his chest, he has a tattoo: “Do Not Resuscitate.”

What would you do?