Welcome to the Bystander Support Network, a virtual space to support people who have witnessed someone having a cardiac arrest, who have performed CPR or who have survived a cardiac arrest.

About the Bystander Network

Welcome to the Bystander Support Network – a resource for members of the public who have witnessed and/or responded to a cardiac arrest to access trusted information, ask questions, share stories or network with others who have had a similar experience.  Being a bystander or lay responder can be a very lonely place and can leave you with lots of questions and emotions.  The BSN is designed to help answer those questions and connect bystanders from all over the world, so you don’t feel quite so alone.

Built in partnership with bystanders and researchers, this on-line community engagement network is designed to provide an opportunity for lay public bystanders to engage directly with each other, clinicians and researchers to have their questions answered and share first hand experiences. It serves as the resource for public involvement in empirical research on the bystander experience which will allow us to hear more about the bystander response and develop a more in-depth understanding of what it means to be a bystander and the support they need after an event.

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